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SIC-W-EB series are applicable for cooling moulds to reduce products molding cycle time; also they are available in the cooling of equipments in order to maintain a normal temperature. Besides, they are suitable for other industries with the need of cooling.

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  • Cooling range 7~25℃.
  • Stainless steel insulated water tank, with prolonged service life and free of contamination.
  • Adopt R410 A refrigerant with good refrigeration effect.
  • Refrigeration loop controlled by high and low pressure switches for accurate detection of system pressure.
  • Compressor and pump overload protection.
  • Shell and tube condenser with quick heat conduction and good dissipation effect.
  • Adopt tube and shell evaporator.The copper pipe is directly mounted on  water tank that is economical and practical.
  • Adopt renowned brand of original precision temperature-controlled meter with an accuracy of ±0.1℃.

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