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Inovance’s PLC is reliable and durable with its outstanding design. Inovance provides a full range of PLC products from small-sized PLC to medium-sized PLC, which support bus applications and can be flexibly combined. They are reliable brain of equipment and communication terminals.


Inovance’s HMIs offer clear displays and an easy-to-use format. Inovance HMIs can be integrated with equipment from any provider but, to benefit from optimal performance and simplified system settings and operations, they can be used as a package with other Inovance products such as PLCs and AC and servo drives and motors.

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Additional information




  • High performance with motion control
  • Combined CPU and power supply supports local and remote I/O
  • Basic instruction: 100ns/instruction
  • Program capacity of 64,000 steps
  • Device memory:
  • Auxiliary relays – 9,216 points
  • Timers – 512 points
  • Counters – 256 points
  • Data registers – 9,552 points
  • File registers – 32,768 points
  • High-speed inputs of up to 200 kHz
  • High-speed outputs of up to 500 kHz
  • Three-axis electronic cam (high-end motion model only)
  • Standard model offers two-axis circular and point-point interpolated motion
  • High-end model offers three-axis point-to-point interpolation and spiral curve motion
  • Communications options:
  • Ethernet (MODBUS-TCP)
  • RS485 (MODBUS-RTU)
  • CANopen
  • CANlink
  • I/O options:
  • 192 local digital I/O
  • 24 local analog I/O
  • 7,936 remote digital I/O
  • 1,488 remote analog I/O
  • IEC6113103 programming languages:
  • Ladder diagram
  • Instruction list
  • Sequential function chart
  • Operates in high ambient temperatures: 45 ̊C
  • Features Autoshop PC software

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