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We provide our customers with the sincerest service and increase our customers’ production capacity and customers’ output value.

Achieve zero complaints and customers first

Achieve a 100% sincere service attitude

Meet 100% of the customer’s requirements in order to achieve customer satisfaction

WY has a group of young and qualified engineers called technical teams, who have a hardworking spirit and can provide customers with reliable services to complete their mission. We firmly believe that providing good quality products is always our ultimate responsibility to serve customers.

We will select and supply reliable quality accessories and equipment for customers in the shortest time and then conduct internal service training for customers, so that customers use it effectively.

Our company has an extensive network and 4 sales centres across the country to achieve inventory sharing, which can quickly and effectively provide equipment and accessories to customers, achieving “5S”-sales management, and one-stop service and spare parts to ensure customers’ operation continues smoothly.

WY TRADING is a company specializing in the trading and maintenance of plastic machinery. From economical, basic to high-tech plastic moulding machines. We can provide different options to meet the best needs of customers. In cooperate with WY MANUFACTURE, mould manufacturing and R&D design centre, we can provide customers with a full set of production plans, and customize non-standard automated production plans according to customers’ needs to increase the value of customers’ production as well as to help them achieving greatest profits.

The services provided are as follows:

Plant Planning: Move Towards Industry 4.0

We use our professional knowledge to meet customers’ needs to help customers plan an ideal production environment that can move towards Industry 4.0.
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Industrial Water Pipe System Planning and Installation

A good water pipe system is often the key to determine production efficiency.

Automated Production Solutions

We use the customers’ existing resources incorporate with brand-new equipment, such as automated multi-axis servo manipulators, customized automated assembly equipment, etc. and design to provide a complete set of automated or semi-automated solutions to customers. This help customers to increase production capacity and output value effectively.

Mould Design and Improvement Plan

WY has a professional mould manufacturing and design team that can design brand-new products for customers and manufacture moulds with efficient production capacity.

Servo Energy-saving System / Multi-function Microcomputer Control System

We can upgrade customer’s existing equipment, modify their servo energy-saving systems or control computers to achieve energy-saving effects and produce sophisticated high-end products.

Equipment Supply

Since 2006, WY are importer and licenced distributors for overseas well-known brands, such as YIZUMI, INOVANCE, SHINI, CHUANYI, HWA CHIN, and etc. We are also developing our own high-end servo blow moulding machines to meet customer needs.

Professional, cost-effective digital solutions

Professional, cost-effective digital solutions
Move towards Industry 4.0

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