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SIC-A-R2 series are applicable for cooling moulds to reduce products molding cycle; also they are available in the cooling of equipments in order to maintain a normal temperature. Besides, they are suitable for other industries with the need of cooling.


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Standard configuration

  • Cooling range 7~25℃
  • Stainless steel insulated water tank.
  • Equipped with anti-freeze thermostat.
  • Adopt R410A refreigerant, used to improve coefficient of performance(COP) and R410A is ozone-friendly.
  • Refrigeration loop controlled by high and low pressure switches to ensure stable operation.
  • Compressor and pump overload protection.
  • Adopts precise Italian temperature controller with an display accuracy of ±1℃.
  • Low pressure pump is standard configuration.
  • All adopt quality compressors from major supplier.
  • Adopt fin style condenser design. Without any need of cooling water for excellent heat transfer and rapid cooling.

Accessory option

  • Medium and high pressure pumps are optional to meet any pressure requirements.
  • Level sensor of water tank is available to detect water level.
  • Hot-air bypass valve can be opted to reach the accuracy of ±1℃.
  • Solenoid valve is optional to prevent evaporator freezing by cutting the refrigerant immediately after downtime.
  • Refrigerant indicator can be opted to detect the refrigerant and ensure its quality and water ratio.
  • Optional flow wsitches to detect chilled water flow.

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