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SSC series flexible screw feeders adopt motor-driven screws for raw material conveying, applicable to convey regrinds, virgin materials, powders and their mixtures with features of low noise level, easy installation and maintenance. Three models of SSC-40/50/65 available with max. horizontal conveying capacity of up to 1,200kg/hr. Besides using in plastic industry, they can also apply in food, chemistry, pharmacy and other various applications.

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  • Evenly mix different materials and effectively avoid material stratification during conveying process.
  • Motor-driven spiral screw ensures low noise level in operation.
  • Fully closed conveying line, free of contamination.
  • Flexible conveying line brings maximum convenience of installation, best compatibility with other conveying equipments, no wearing due to friction and no material blockage.
  • Flexible design, easy for installation and maintenance.
  • Reverse phase protector is adopted to avoid that the motor is incapable of conveying materials because of motor reversal.
  • Standard conveying pipeline is 5 meters long which can reach up to 7 meters.
  • Combined application with our mixers, granulators and storage bins.
  • Applicable to match with special stainless steel made storage tanks, add “P” at model behind for hopper inside polished ones.

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