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SGD series dosers are suitable for auto-proportional mixing of virgin material, regrinds, masterbatch or additives. The motor with gear ratio of 38:1 is coupled to a dosing screw of 12, 14 or 16mm in diameter to give a total of three models with the output ranging from 0.04~32kg/hr. Double color dosers can be assembled from two single color dosers according to customers, requirements.

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  • Dosing screws are chrome plated for durability.
  • Unit is comprised of standard modules for ease of cleaning, disassembly and interchangeability.
  • Three-tube hopper magnet is equipped at the base to absorb metal impurities so to prevent screw of molding machine from damage.
  • Mixer is standard equipment for double color doser to make the material evenly mixed, while also an option for single color doser.
  • Main material hopper is standard equipment for double color doser. It is optional for single color doser.
  • External signals can be directly interfaced with control box.
  • The current operation mode can be recorded, unaffected by power failure so operation would be returned to normal when power is on.
  • Forced material cleaning is convenient to replace masterbatch.
  • SGD is able to automatically monitor the addition of masterbatch and additives. Also it can fulfill automatic calibration when bulk density of material varies.
  • Ethernet communication is available to transmit data, record and store the dosage of regrinds and masterbatch for future use.
  • The function of aberration compensation is able to adjust the proportion of masterbatch or additives based on regrinds amount.
  • Manipulate dosing process via loss-in-weight technology, satisfying the high requirement of production precision.
  • Up to 100 groups of recipes can be saved.
  • Suitable for extrusion or injection molding modes.
  • It is able to detect the blockage and overload of masterbatch and stop machine and sound alarms accordingly.
  • Machine halts and sounds alarm when motor faults.
  • Venturi Loaders are optional.
  • For working with SHD-100 or SHD-160U and models above, heavy base should be selected.

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