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SFR series water flow regulators are designed to work with mould heaters, water chillers and cooling towers, which can be connected to more than one mould connectors. They have the function like temperature and flowrate displays, flowrate control in order to meet the requirement of different working conditions. Modularized combination ensures convenient installation and maintenance. It is a necessary device for modern plastic industry to improve its moulding efficiency.

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  • Modularized design and great expandability, which can be configured on client’s demand.
  • Optimal structure design, longer service life.
  • Flowrate is adjustable according to different demand and has temperature and flowrate display function, which can display immediately whenever there is clogging in the mould circulation loops so as to avoid producing defective products.
  • Ensure the conformity of product’s shrinkage by accurate and reliable mould temperature control.
  • Convenient for both mounting and demounting, easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Purely mechanical structure with no power consumption.
  • Viewable flowrate display helps fast adjusting to required rate.
  • Adopts precise adjusting valve, which can adjust the flowrate more accurately.
  • Mould connectors (3/8″ male quick-release connector) are supplied as standard. For connecting with other sizes, they can be unscrewed to leave 3/8″ PT female threads.
  • Cleaning brush is supplied as standard for easy maintenance of flow tubes.
  • Water connection elbows with quick-release connectors (3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”), and machine mounting bracket are optionally available.

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